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Hemispheric Asymmetry

Hemispheric Asymmetry

What's Right and What's Left

Joseph B. Hellige

ISBN 9780674005594

Publication date: 03/16/2001

Is "right-brain" thought essentially creative, and "left-brain" strictly logical? Joseph B. Hellige argues that this view is far too simplistic. Surveying extensive data in the field of cognitive science, he disentangles scientific facts from popular assumptions about the brain's two hemispheres.

In Hemispheric Asymmetry, Hellige explains that the "right brain" and "left brain" are actually components of a much larger cognitive system encompassing cortical and subcortical structures, all of which interact to produce unity of thought and action. He further explores questions of whether hemispheric asymmetry is unique to humans, and how it might have evolved. This book is a valuable overview of hemispheric asymmetry and its evolutionary precedents.


  • This is an excellent book on a complex topic, and I can think of no one better qualified than Hellige to cover as thoroughly and objectively as he has the many aspects of hemispheric asymmetry. All the important issues are dealt with, clearly exposed, and soundly analyzed… The book certainly provides an exhaustive and timely review of research in cerebral lateralization.

    —Justine Sergent, McGill University


  • Joseph B. Hellige is Professor of Psychology and Vice Provost for Academic Programs, University of Southern California.

Book Details

  • 412 pages
  • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press