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Advertisements for Myself

Advertisements for Myself

Norman Mailer

ISBN 9780674005907

Publication date: 09/15/1992

Originally published in 1959, Advertisements for Myself is an inventive collection of stories, essays, polemic, meditations, and interviews. It is Norman Mailer at his brilliant, provocative, outrageous best. Emerging at the height of “hip,” Advertisements is at once a chronicle of a crucial era in the formation of modern American culture and an important contribution to the great autobiographical tradition in American letters.


  • Anyone with a serious interest in American and in twentieth-century literature will applaud the reprinting of Norman Mailer’s Advertisements for Myself. No single work of his, before or since, is as important to an understanding of his literary career or of his emergence as an authentic public personality, and none is as fully representative of the range and variety of his concerns.

    —Richard Poirier, Rutgers University


  • Norman Mailer was an American novelist and essayist.

Book Details

  • 532 pages
  • 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press