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Culture and Equality

Culture and Equality

An Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism

Brian Barry

ISBN 9780674010017

Publication date: 10/30/2002

All major Western countries contain groups that differ from the mainstream and from each other in religious beliefs, customary practices, or cultural ideas. How should public policy respond to this diversity? Brian Barry challenges the currently orthodox answer and develops a powerful restatement of an egalitarian liberalism for the twenty-first century.


  • The goal of Culture and Equality is to free liberals of their disabling scruples and in particular those deriving from…currently prevalent ideas that are variously labeled ‘multiculturalism’ or the politics of ‘difference’ or ‘recognition’ or ‘identity’… This is applied political philosophy at its most magisterial.

    —Steven Lukes, Times Literary Supplement


  • Brian Barry is Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of Philosophy and Political Science at Columbia University and winner of the 2001 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science.

Book Details

  • 418 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Harvard University Press