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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 101

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 101

Harvard University Department of Classics

ISBN 9780674012738

Publication date: 09/01/2003

Volume 101 of Harvard Studies in Classical Philology includes the following contributions: Stephen Scully, “Reading the Shield of Achilles: Terror, Anger, Delight”; Hugh Lloyd-Jones, “Zeus, Prometheus, and Greek Ethics”; Robert W. Wallace, “An Early Fifth-Century Athenian Revolution in Aulos Music”; Lucia Athanassaki, “Transformations of Colonial Disruption into Narrative Continuity in Pindar’s Epinician Odes”; Christina Clark, “Minos’ Touch and Theseus’ Glare: Gestures in Bakkhylides 17”; Peter Grossardt, “The Title of Aeschylus’ Ostologoi”; John Gibert, “Apollo’s Sacrifice: The Limits of a Metaphor in Greek Tragedy”; Albert Henrichs, “Hieroi Logoi and Hierai Bibloi: The (Un)Written Margins of the Sacred in Ancient Greece”; David M. Engel, “Women’s Role in the Home and the State: Stoic Theory Reconsidered”; James J. Clauss, “Once upon a Time on Cos: A Banquet with Pan on the Side in Theocritus Idyll 7”; Alexander Sens, “Pleasures Recalled: A.R. 3.813–814, Asclepiades, and Homer”; Christopher S. Mackay, “Quaestiones Pisonianae: Procedural and Chronological Notes on the S.C. De Cn. Pisone Patre”; Alex Hardie, “The Pindaric Sources of Horace Odes 1.12”; Charles E. Murgia, “The Date of the Helen Episode”; Mark Toher, “Nicolaus and Herod in the Antiquitates Judaicae”; W. S. Watt,† “Notes on the Anthologia Latina”; D. R. Shackleton Bailey, “New Readings in Valerius Maximus”; and R. Sklenář, “The Cosm(et)ology of Claudian’s ‘In Sepulchrum Speciosae.’”

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