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Demons and the Making of the Monk

Demons and the Making of the Monk

Spiritual Combat in Early Christianity

David Brakke

ISBN 9780674018754

Publication date: 01/30/2006

Demons--whether in embodied form or as inward temptation--make vivid appearances in early Christian monastic literature. In this finely written study of demonology and Christian spirituality in fourth- and fifth-century Egypt, David Brakke examines how the conception of the monk as a holy and virtuous being was shaped by the combative encounter with demons.

Brakke studies the "making of the monk" from two perspectives. First, he describes the social and religious identities that monastic authors imagined for the demon-fighting monk: the new martyr who fights against the pagan gods, the gnostic who believes he knows both the tricks of the demons and the secrets of God, and the prophet who discerns the hidden presence of Satan even among good Christians. Then he employs recent theoretical ideas about gender and racial stereotyping to interpret accounts of demon encounters, especially those in which demons appear as the Other--as Ethiopians, as women, or as pagan gods.

Drawing on biographies of exceptional monks, collections of monastic sayings and stories, letters from ascetic teachers to their disciples, sermons, and community rules, Brakke crafts a compelling picture of the embattled religious celibate. Demons and the Making of the Monk is an insightful and innovative exploration of the development of Christian monasticism.


  • David Brakke's Demons and the Making of the a very sharply focused study of spiritual combat between monks and demons in fourth- and early fifth-century Egypt. Satan takes a back seat in this story: Brakke concentrates instead on the emergence of the monastic project ('The monk is now such a familiar figure that it is difficult to remember that he did not always exist'), and examines how conflict with demons was essential to the formation of this freshly minted religious identity...The book comes to the second half, which is devoted to analysis of the monks' graphic stories about their encounters with demons.

    —Alastair Sooke, Times Literary Supplement


  • David Brakke is Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity and Professor of History, Ohio State University.

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  • 322 pages
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