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East Asian Civilizations

East Asian Civilizations

A Dialogue in Five Stages

Wm. Theodore de Bary

ISBN 9780674031036

Publication date: 07/01/2009

De Bary constructs a magisterial overview of three thousand years of East Asian civilizations, principally in the form of dialogues among the major systems of thought that have dominated the Asian world’s historical development.


  • A short and hugely informative book for the layperson… Like a wise lecturer, de Bary brings the reader along to a fresh and rewarding comparison of Eastern and Western ways of thinking—and what the differences mean to us today… In the process, he has also written a succinct and valuable guide to the culture by which East Asia still lives.

    —Frank Gibney, Los Angeles Times Book Review


  • William Theodore de Bary was John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University, Emeritus, and Provost Emeritus at Columbia University.

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