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The Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks

The Intellectual and Political History of the Triumph of Communism in Russia, With a New Preface by the Author

Adam B. Ulam

ISBN 9780674044531

Publication date: 07/01/2009

The rise of the Bolsheviks is an epic Russian story that now has a definitive end. The major historian of the subject, Adam Ulam, has enlarged his classic work with a new Preface that puts the revolutionary moment, and especially Lenin, in perspective for our modern age.


  • From reviews of the first edition:
    Notwithstanding the title...this is the most rewarding single study of Lenin that I have yet encountered...The really impressive feature of Ulam's book is that he is thinking hard all the way. No comfortable historical generalization or biographical cliché escapes his critical attention, and he has a most satisfying way of asking, in effect--is this an adequate explanation; what else may be involved? In these days of rampant 'be-that-as-it-may' writing, Ulam's intellectual seriousness is a great relief and pleasure.

    —Henry L. Roberts, New York Times


  • Adam B. Ulam was Gurney Professor of History and Political Science at Harvard University.

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