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At the Threshold

At the Threshold

The Developing Adolescent

S. Shirley Feldman, Glen R. Elliott

ISBN 9780674050365

Publication date: 01/01/1993

Adolescents embody the best hopes of American society. Their vital role in shaping our future lends particular significance to their success in negotiating the passage from childhood to adulthood, while their intensity and visibility often make them barometers of social change. It is all the more remarkable, then, that this critical period has only recently captured the full attention of researchers.

At the Threshold presents the long-awaited findings of the Carnegie Foundation study on adolescence. It offers a comprehensive overview of what investigators are learning about normal development and provides an interdisciplinary synthesis of research into the biological, social, and psychological changes occurring during this key stage in the life span. While focusing on the contexts of adolescent life—social and ethnic, family and school, leisure and work—it also addresses how researchers are doing in the effort to understand the intersection of processes that initiate and sustain adolescent development and to characterize the extraordinary changes that occur during these years.

Contrary to popular belief, large numbers of young people continue to mature into productive members of society. At the Threshold seeks to allow professionals and nonprofessionals alike important access to the reality of normal adolescent experience. The authors recognize that only if we begin to understand and clearly articulate the parameters of successful adolescent development can we hope to intervene with those individuals whose lives seem aimed toward unsatisfactory futures.


  • An impressive and useful volume that will have a major impact on the field.

    —Dale A. Blyth, Executive Secretary, Society for Research on Adolescence, and Director, American Medical Association Center for Adolescent Health Analysis


  • S. Shirley Feldman is Professor of Human Biology and Senior Research Scientist in Child Psychiatry at Stanford University and Deputy Director of the Stanford Center for the Study of Families, Children, and Youth.
  • Glen R. Elliott is Associate Professor and Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology, University of California, San Francisco.

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  • 656 pages
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  • Harvard University Press