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Consistency, Choice, and Rationality

Consistency, Choice, and Rationality

Walter Bossert, Kotaro Suzumura

ISBN 9780674052994

Publication date: 10/15/2010

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Walter Bossert

Kotaro Suzumura

In Consistency, Choice, and Rationality, economic theorists and present a thorough mathematical treatment of Suzumura consistency, an alternative to established coherence properties such as transitivity, quasi-transitivity, or acyclicity. Applications in individual and social choice theory, fields important not only to economics but also to philosophy and political science, are discussed. Specifically, the authors explore topics such as rational choice and revealed preference theory, and collective decision making in an atemporal framework as well as in an intergenerational setting.


  • An impressive and magisterial work from the top contributors in the world on choice-demand theory.

    —Maurice Salles, University of Caen


  • Walter Bossert is Professor of Economics at the University of Montreal.
  • Kotaro Suzumura is Professor Emeritus and Honorary Fellow, Waseda University, and Member of the Japan Academy.

Book Details

  • 230 pages
  • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press