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Beyond Machiavelli

Beyond Machiavelli

Tools for Coping with Conflict

Roger Fisher, Elizabeth Kopelman, Andrea Kupfer Schneider

ISBN 9780674069176

Publication date: 09/26/1996

With two of his leading colleagues, Roger Fisher, the world-renowned negotiator and coauthor of Getting to Yes, delivers a powerful new method for managing complex disputes of any kind: international, local, or personal. Originating in the Harvard Negotiation Project and successfully applied to some of the world’s most intractable confrontations, these practical tools offer the most effective system yet for minimizing the duration and cost of conflict.


  • All who are trying to settle conflicts—or to understand them—need just such thoughtful guidance.

    —Jimmy Carter


  • Roger Fisher was Samuel Williston Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Harvard Law School and founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project. He was also a founder of Conflict Management, Inc., and the Conflict Management Group, two consulting organizations devoted to strategic advice and negotiation training.
  • Elizabeth (Kopelman) Borgwardt is Associate Professor of History at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Andrea Kupfer Schneider is on the faculty of Marquette University Law School. She practices law with the Washington, D.C., firm of Arent, Fox, Kintner & Plotkin. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she has taught at the Academy of European Law in Florence.

Book Details

  • 160 pages
  • 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press