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Cardiovascular Diseases in the United States

Cardiovascular Diseases in the United States

Iwao M. Moriyama, Dean E. Krueger, Jeremiah Stamler

ISBN 9780674096400

Publication date: 01/01/1971

Cardiovascular diseases kill and disable more than a million Americans each year. The major types of this complex of diseases are coronary heart disease, hypertensive disease, cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatic heart disease, and congenital malformations of the circulatory system. Authors Moriyama, Krueger, and Stamler relate each of these types to etiology, age of patient at onset, clinical course, and socioeconomic impact on the population. For each type of cardiovascular disease they analyze the quantitative data on the incidence, prevalence, and levels and time trends of mortality and on the demographic characteristics of person affected. They also examine international differences in levels and trends in mortality and point out areas for further research. More than thirty-five figures as well as extensive tables document their text.

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  • 315 pages
  • Harvard University Press