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The Classic Anthology Defined by Confucius

Ezra Pound

ISBN 9780674133976

Publication date: 01/01/1983

Ezra Pound here recreates for the English-speaking world the great poetry of ancient China. The 305 odes of the Classic Anthology are the living tradition of Chinese poetry. Since the fifth century before Christ, they have been as familiar to literate Chinese as the Homeric poems were to the ancient Greeks. Indeed, Confucius held that no man was truly educated until he had studied the odes.


  • Great cultures start in great poetry and here are the seeds of one of the greatest. They have been thought untranslatable in poetry. Nevertheless, here is Mr. Pound at his best: on sky and earth and most that haunts between, from sounds caught in the heart’s pang and on to thought’s possession of the mind at peace.

    —I. A. Richards

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