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Collected Papers

Collected Papers

Lloyd A. Metzler

ISBN 9780674137752

Publication date: 01/01/1973

A pioneer in bringing mathematical methods into everyday use in economics, Lloyd A. Metzler is well known for his adroit use of formal tools and exceptionally readable prose style which have provided a generation of economists with clear solutions to difficult analytical problems. The papers collected in this volume, including four previously unpublished, retain a freshness and clarity that is readily recognized by today's students of economics.

Over the years Mr. Metzler's contributions to economic theory have ranged widely over the fields of international economics, macroeconomic theory, business fluctuations, and the mathematical theory of general equilibrium. Most notably, he carries Lord Keynes's theories further, working out the essential properties of the foreign-trade multiplier. His discussions of tariff repercussions, capital transfers, and stability conditions in the foreign-exchange market are of vital importance to today's dramatic efforts to achieve economic stability throughout the world.

Collected Papers, enhanced by many tables and figures and clearly indicative of the author's far-reaching economic mind, is organized into four sections: The Theory of International Trade; Money, Interest, and Prices; Business Cycles and Economic Fluctuations; and Mathematical Economics and Statistics. Two of the articles in this volume were part of the author's doctoral thesis which was awarded the David A. Wells Prize at Harvard University.


  • What makes a scholar’s papers collectable? They should be scientifically important. They should reveal the action of a distinctive intellect applying itself to a series of interrelated problems. They should present lucid expositions of difficult problems that will attract generations of students (and their teachers). Lloyd Metzler’s works pass each test with flying colors.

    —Richard E. Caves, Chairman of the Harvard Economic Studies, Harvard University


  • Lloyd A. Metzler served as consultant to many branches of the U.S. government, including the Federal Reserve System and the Treasury Department. He was Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago.

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