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“Coming to Writing” and Other Essays

“Coming to Writing” and Other Essays

Hélène Cixous

Translated by Sarah Cornell, Ann Liddle, and Susan Sellers
Edited and translated by Deborah Jenson

ISBN 9780674144378

Publication date: 01/01/1992

This collection presents six essays by one of France’s most remarkable contemporary authors. A notoriously playful stylist, here Hélène Cixous explores how the problematics of the sexes—viewed as a paradigm for all difference, which is the organizing principle behind identity and meaning—manifest themselves, write themselves, in texts. These superb translations do full justice to Cixous’s prose, to its songlike flow and allusive brilliance.


  • Hélène Cixous is today, in my view, the greatest writer in what I will call my language, the French language if you like. And I am weighing my words as I say that. For a great writer must be a poet-thinker, very much a poet and a very thinking poet.

    —Jacques Derrida


  • Hélène Cixous is Professor at the University of Paris VIII, and director of the university’s Center for Research in Feminine Studies.
  • Susan Rubin Suleiman is the Dillon Professor of the Civilization of France and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University.

Book Details

  • 214 pages
  • 5-3/8 x 8-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press
  • Introduction by Susan Rubin Suleiman