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A Concordance to Livy

A Concordance to Livy

Vol I: A–D; Vol. II: E–I; Vol III: K–P; Vol. IV: Q–Z

David W. Packard

ISBN 9780674158900

Publication date: 01/01/1968

This concordance to the complete extant works of Livy was compiled at the Harvard Computing Center and contains approximately 500,000 entries. The Oxford Text was used for Books I–XXXV, the Teubner for XXXVI–XLV. All words, including el, have been catalogued, and each word is accompanied by about twenty words of its context. Words are alphabetized in the form in which they occur in the text without being organized under normalized dictionary headings; repeated instances of the same word are arranged according to the words that follow in the context, thereby producing an index of phrases as well as words. The concordance was set in type by computerized photocomposition.

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  • 5408 pages
  • Harvard University Press