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Congressional Insurgents and the Party System, 1909–1916

Congressional Insurgents and the Party System, 1909–1916

James Holt

ISBN 9780674162501

Publication date: 01/01/1967

James Holt offers a new answer to the question "What happened to progressivism in the Republican party?" The battles over the Payne-Aldrich tariff, the powers of Speaker Cannon, military preparedness, the elections of 1912 and 1916, and Wilson's New Freedom are used to exemplify the attempts of insurgent Republican Senators to reconcile progressive ideals with party commitment. But these men, Robert La Follette, Albert Cummins, George Norris, and William Borah among them, found that on the national level their efforts aided only the Democrats and that a third party was precluded by their own partisanship and their dependence on Republican constituencies.

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  • 196 pages
  • Harvard University Press