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The Corporate Economy

The Corporate Economy

Growth, Competition, and Innovative Potential

Robin Marris, Adrian Wood

ISBN 9780674172524

Publication date: 01/01/1971

The Corporate Economy, a collective work by some of the world’s most distinguished theoretical economists, offers analyses of the workings of an economy dominated by large corporations. The book is concerned with the theory of the growth of the firm, with competition between divisions of corporations in particular product markets, and with relationships between the company and the stock market. It presents discussions of the internal organization of diversified corporations and the effects of this organization on the corporations’ economic behavior as well as on the relations between the corporate sector and the small-scale or “competitive” sector of the economy. Three empirical appendices, which include some previously unpublished material, survey the literature on the size, growth, and profitability of firms and on diversification, merger, and research expenditures.

Book Details

  • 454 pages
  • Harvard University Press