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Mexican Immigration in Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

ISBN 9780674177673

Publication date: 08/01/1998

In the United States immigration is both history and destiny. It is the driving force behind a most significant social transformation taking place in American society at the end of our millennium. Arguably few other social phenomena are likely to impact the future character of American culture and society as much as the ongoing wave of “new immigration.”

Who are the new immigrants? What do they want? How are they changing American society? This cross-disciplinary book brings together twelve essays by the leading scholars of the most significant aspect of the new immigration: Mexican immigration to the United States. Crossings theorizes aspects of recent Mexican immigration that are new and that demarcate this wave of immigration from earlier experiences in this century.


  • The incorporation of the commentaries works well, rendering the tome less passive than many scholarly texts, and often reinforcing points raised whilst introducing new areas of discussion. Well-judged and evocative photographs by Anna LeVine give an added ‘real’ dimension to a thought-provoking work that illustrates the importance of creating a climate in which diverse ethnic groups can flourish.

    —British Bulletin of Publications


  • Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco is Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, Distinguished Professor of Education, and Co-Director of the Institute for Immigrant Children, Youth, and Families at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Book Details

  • 448 pages
  • 6-5/16 x 9-3/8 inches
  • David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies