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An Economic History of Sweden

An Economic History of Sweden

Eli F. Heckscher

ISBN 9780674228009

Publication date: 01/01/1954

Long respected as a classic in Europe, this translation is welcomed as the first comprehensive survey of Swedish economic history available in this country. Herein the late Eli Filip Heckscher discusses Swedish economy from the feudalism of the Middle Ages to World War II socialism.

Complete coverage is given to such diverse yet interrelated subjects as land distribution and use, agrarian reforms, growth of cities, social structure, foreign influence and immigration, development of iron and other metals, forest industry, population growth, trade beginnings, cooperatives, and the growth of socialism.

Faithfully translated, and with a newly added conclusion by Gunnar Heckscher, the author's son, this interesting book is valuable as a study of one of Europe's most economically advanced countries. Well-illustrated with maps, charts, and graphs, it provides invaluable reference material.


  • Eli F. Heckscher was Professor of Economic History at the University of Stockholm.
  • The late Alexander Gerschenkron held a degree of Doctor Rerum Politicarum from the University of Vienna. He was Chief of the Foreign Areas Section at the Federal Reserve Board, as well as Walter S. Barker Professor of Economics and Director of the Economic History Workshop, Harvard University.

Book Details

  • 350 pages
  • Harvard University Press
  • Supplement by Gunnar Heckscher
  • Preface by Alexander Gerschenkron