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Family Kaleidoscope

Family Kaleidoscope

Salvador Minuchin

ISBN 9780674292314

Publication date: 01/01/1986

With characteristic insight, compassion, and dry humor, the grand master of family therapy Salvador Minuchin challenges us to meditate on some of the most perplexing—and profound—questions of the day: Why is our image of the ideal family so far from the common reality? When we have such a rich literature of individual psychology, why is the family comparatively neglected? Why does our legal system promote confrontation rather than cooperation?


  • [This book], the fruit of Dr. Minuchin's year off from clinic and classroom, presents several case studies, each making the same point about the primacy of the family… Family Kaleidoscope offers a radical departure in format. Dr. Minuchin breaks free of the typical pallidness of case reports and employs some experimental writing. He borrows from Ibsen and Pirandello, engaging an imaginary reader in dialogues and blurring fact and fantasy to present cases in the form of playlets… If Dr. Minuchin’s example were to inspire a new way of presenting clinical case histories, it would enhance the pleasures of psychiatry’s clinical literature.

    —Daniel Goleman, New York Times Book Review

Book Details

  • 248 pages
  • Harvard University Press

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