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Naqqali Trilogy

Naqqali Trilogy

Azhdahak, Arash, Testament of Bondar Bidakhsh

Bahram Beyzaie

Translated by Richard Saul Chason and Nikta Sabouri

ISBN 9780674292390

Publication date: 05/09/2023

Widely regarded as the Shakespeare of Persia, Bahram Beyzaie—playwright, director, screenwriter, and scholar—has made the greatest contribution to modern Persian drama of any individual artist, yet he remains largely unknown to the English-speaking world. In this volume, Richard Saul Chason and Nikta Sabouri have translated for the first time into English Beyzaie’s complete Naqqali Trilogy, one of the dramatist’s greatest masterpieces and a pinnacle work of twentieth-century world drama.

Blending modes of traditional Iranian storytelling and mythological ritual with contemporary dramatic philosophy and technique, the Naqqali Trilogy is a cycle of three works of mythological revisionism. It celebrates a renaissance of Persian cultural tradition while reframing ancient tales into a modern psychodrama of outcasts and oppression in a land of tyranny and injustice. This volume also includes a detailed introduction that provides background information on Beyzaie, the mythological basis of the plays, the nature of the plays in performance, and on the plays’ distinctive employ of the Persian language and the replication of the dramatic prose poetry into an English equivalent.


  • Bahram Beyzaie is an Iranian filmmaker, theater director, playwright, educator, and scholar of the history of Iranian theater. Over the past fifty years, Beyzaie has written numerous papers and published more than seventy books, monographs, plays, and screenplays. Beyzaie is the Bita Daryabari Lecturer in Iranian Studies at Stanford University.
  • Richard Saul Chason is an actor-playwright, dramaturg, literary critic, and translator based in Brooklyn. He is the recipient of national awards in theater criticism and scholarship from the Kennedy Center and is a fellow of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.
  • Nikta Sabouri is an Iranian freelance theater director and translator based in Boston. She earned her B.A. in theater-directing at Tehran University and her M.A. in theater theory and dramaturgy at the University of Ottawa. She is the cofounder of Distant Realms Theatre Company.

Book Details

  • 66 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Ilex Foundation