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Śṛṅgāraprakāśa of Bhoja, Part 2

Śṛṅgāraprakāśa of Bhoja, Part 2

Edited by Venkatarama Raghavan

ISBN 9780674292529

Publication date: 07/18/2023

This edition is based on new manuscripts of this important treatise on classical Sanskrit poetics. It was composed by the famous eleventh-century King Bhoja of Malwa (West India), a patron of traditional learning.

The text has never received a complete critical edition. It is important not only because of the theoretical treatment of the erotic sentiment (śṛṅgāra) in classical Sanskrit texts. It is also a mine of quotations from extant and also from lost Sanskrit and Prakrit poetical texts.


  • Venkatarama Raghavan is Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Madras.

Book Details

  • 1026 pages
  • 7 x 10 inches
  • Harvard University Department of South Asian Studies