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Foundations of Economic Analysis

Foundations of Economic Analysis

Enlarged Edition

Paul A. Samuelson

ISBN 9780674313033

Publication date: 01/01/1983

Although his classic work has gone through many reprintings and translations, only now has Paul A. Samuelson added new material to his 1947 treatise. A new introduction portrays the genesis of the book and analyzes how its contributions fit into theoretical developments of the last thirty-five years. A new and lengthy mathematical appendix gives a survey of the following post-1947 breakthroughs in political economy, in relation to the methodology of Foundations: linear programming and comparative statics; nonlinear programming, dynamic and stochastic; modern duality theory; the testable content of the neoclassical money model; probabilistic decision making, with new slants on the dogma of Expected-Utility maximizing; and portfolio and liquidity preference analysis by general methods that transcend mean-variance approximations.


  • Paul A. Samuelson was an American economist, and the first American to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Book Details

  • 632 pages
  • 5-3/4 x 8-3/8 inches
  • Harvard University Press