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The Future of Health Policy

The Future of Health Policy

Victor R. Fuchs

ISBN 9780674338265

Publication date: 08/19/1998

Americans are understandably concerned about the runaway costs of medical care and the fact that one citizen out of seven is without health insurance coverage. Solving these problems is a top priority for the Clinton administration, but as Victor Fuchs shows, the task is enormously complex. In this book Fuchs, America's foremost health economist, provides the reader with the necessary concepts, facts, and analyses to comprehend the complicated issues of health policy. He shows why health care reform that benefits society as a whole will unavoidably burden certain individuals and groups.

Fuchs addresses such central questions as cost containment, managed competition, technology assessment, poverty and health, children's health, and national health insurance. The future of U.S. health policy, he argues, is tightly linked to three basic questions; First, how can we disengage health insurance from employment? Second, how can we tame technological change in health care? And finally how can we cope with the runaway medical costs of an aging society?


  • As in his earlier writings, Fuchs repeatedly asks interesting and thoughtful questions and presents information and analyses that are important for understanding current health policy issues...[His] wisdom and sagacity shine through at every point.

    —David Mechanic, Health Affairs

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  • 256 pages
  • 0-13/16 x 6 x 9 inches
  • Harvard University Press

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