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Greek Homosexuality

Greek Homosexuality

Updated and with a New Postscript

K. J. Dover

ISBN 9780674362703

Publication date: 10/15/1989

To what extent and in what ways was homosexuality approved by the ancient Greeks? An eminent classicist examines the evidence—vase paintings, archaic and classical poetry, the dialogues of Plato, speeches in the law courts, the comedies of Aristophanes—and reaches provocative conclusions. A discussion of female homosexuality is included.


  • A landmark study… One cannot underestimate the importance of Mr. Dover’s book. With philological brilliance and scholarly objectivity, he presents facts that can no longer be ignored. It is a step closer toward understanding the complex nature of the Greeks, whom we claim as cultural fathers. It is also a step closer to understanding human nature.

    —Erich Segal, New York Times Book Review

Book Details

  • 256 pages
  • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press