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An Architectural History

Bainbridge Bunting

Edited by Margaret Henderson Floyd

ISBN 9780674372917

Publication date: 10/15/1998

Here is an incisive and fully illustrated history of Harvard’s architecture told by the distinguished architectural historian Bainbridge Bunting, author of Houses of Boston’s Back Bay. The book examines the Federal architecture of Charles Bulfinch, H. H. Richardson’s Romanesque buildings, the Imperial manner reflected in Widener Library, as well as the work of such esteemed architects as Charles McKim, Gropius, and Le Corbusier—and it shows us how they all come together to form an amazingly coherent whole. This lively story of a university campus is a veritable microcosm of American architectural experience.


  • Partly because it has never had...a single stylistic motif, Harvard has become a living museum of almost every trend in the history of American architecture. [This] is the fullest account yet written of Harvard's indispensable narrative and reference.

    —Robert Campbell, Boston Globe


  • Bainbridge Bunting was Director of the Cambridge Historical Commission's Survey of Architectural History in Cambridge.
  • Margaret Henderson Floyd’s knowledge of Boston architecture and her long association with Bainbridge Bunting enabled her to complete Harvard: An Architectural History after his death.

Book Details

  • 366 pages
  • 8 x 11 inches
  • Belknap Press

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