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Latin America and the World Economy since 1800

Latin America and the World Economy since 1800

Edited by John H. Coatsworth and Alan M. Taylor

ISBN 9780674512818

Publication date: 04/01/1999

The fifteen essays in this volume apply the methods of the new economic history to the history of the Latin American economies since 1800. The authors combine the historian's sensitivity to context and contingency with modern or "neoclassical" economic theory and quantitative methods.

The essays shed new light on the economic history of all the major economies from Mexico and Cuba to Brazil and Argentina. Some focus on comparing macroeconomic policies and performance, others analyze key sectors such as foreign trade, finance, transportation, and industry, and still others focus on the impact of property rights, government regulation, and political upheaval.


  • Examining a number of key themes—from property rights in the Amazon to the rise and fall of the Gold Standard—this volume provides a series of engaging and original insights into the forces that have shaped Latin American economic development over the past two centuries. Undoubtedly, the striking feature that unites the diverse chapters is their dependence on the use of quantitative techniques, which allow the statistical relationships between economic variables to be ascertained. Combining these with an extensive reliance on freshly assembled numerical data, all of the contributors manage to shed new light on old questions.

    —Edmund Amann, Times Literary Supplement


  • John H. Coatsworth is Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and former Director of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University.
  • Alan M. Taylor is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Davis.

Book Details

  • 502 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies