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Methods of Logic

Methods of Logic

Fourth Edition

W. V. Quine

ISBN 9780674571761

Publication date: 11/16/1982

This widely used textbook of modern formal logic now offers a number of new features. Incorporating updated notations, selective answers to exercises, expanded treatment of natural deduction, and new discussions of predicate-functor logic and the affinities between higher set theory and the elementary logic of terms, W. V. Quine’s new edition will serve admirably for both classroom and independent use.


  • Quine’s book is of first-rate quality, and presents the materials of modern formal logic in a masterly fashion… A superb text: authoritative, mature, and brilliant and original in its exposition.

    —Ernest Nagel


  • W. V. Quine was Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University. He wrote twenty-one books, thirteen of them published by Harvard University Press.

Book Details

  • 344 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Harvard University Press

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