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Munich and Theatrical Modernism

Munich and Theatrical Modernism

Politics, Playwriting, and Performance, 1890–1914

Peter Jelavich

ISBN 9780674588356

Publication date: 11/06/1985

This is the first cultural exploration of playwriting, directing, acting, and theater architecture in fin-de-siècle Munich. Peter Jelavich examines the commercial, political, and cultural tensions that fostered modernism’s artistic revolt against the classical and realistic modes of nineteenth-century drama.


  • [This] excellent book deals with many manifestations of theatrical modernism in the pre-war Bavarian capital, including the ‘carnivalesque’ works of Frank Wedekind and Oskar Panizza, the political cabaret of groups like the Elf Scharfrichter, and the efforts to fuse Catholicism and modernism in the erotic drama of Heinrich Lautensack… A thoughtful as well as a richly detailed cultural history.

    —David Blackbourn, History


  • Peter Jelavich is Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin.

Book Details

  • 424 pages
  • Harvard University Press

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