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The New England Mind

The New England Mind

From Colony to Province

Perry Miller

ISBN 9780674613010

Publication date: 04/15/1983

The New England Mind: From Colony to Province is one of Perry Miller’s masterworks, exploring the intellectual history of the Puritans through a deep investigation of the thought of the Puritan divines. In this book, as well as its predecessor The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century, Miller asserts a single intellectual history for America that could be traced to the Puritan belief system.


  • It is a fascinating tale. As Miller tells it, it involves the most exciting episodes of a century of Massachusetts history. The debates about the Half-Way Covenant, the witchcraft madness, disputes about currency and inoculation—all these are adroitly related to the upsetting of the old New England way… There is also a penetrating discussion of how new scientific attitudes affected New England thinking.

    —The Nation

Book Details

  • 513 pages
  • Belknap Press

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