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Origins of Analytical Philosophy

Origins of Analytical Philosophy

Michael Dummett

ISBN 9780674644731

Publication date: 09/01/1996

For half a century analytical philosophy has dominated professional philosophy in English-speaking countries. When contrasted with "Continental" philosophy, analytical philosophy is often called "Anglo-American." Michael Dummett argues that this is a misnomer: "Anglo-Austrian" would be a more accurate label, for analytical philosophy arose in the same milieu as the principal rival school of phenomenology. Furthermore, the two schools have the same roots. By reexamining the similar origins of the two traditions, we can come to understand why they later diverged so widely, and thus take the first step toward reconciliation.


  • Dummett rightly says that many of the roots of analytical philosophy are to be found in German-speaking lands...The defining characteristic of analytical philosophy [he argues] is its attempt to base a comprehensive philosophical account of thought on a philosophical account of language. For anyone interested in that project, this book would be an excellent investment. It shows, clearly and concisely, how the essential first step for such a project is what Dummett calls 'the extrusion of thought from the mind.'



  • Michael Dummett was Wykeham Professor of Logic, Emeritus, at the University of Oxford.

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  • 212 pages
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