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Regional Integration

Regional Integration

Theory and Research

Edited by Leon N. Lindberg and Stuart A. Scheingold

ISBN 9780674753273

Publication date: 01/01/1971

International Organization, a quarterly journal published by the World Peace Foundation, has devoted a special issue to the subject of regional integration, the study of integration among nations through non-coercive means. The ten pieces presented here represent the variety of theories and approaches in the field. They also provide an evaluation of the first decade of its study as well as a report on current disputes and the prospects for future research. Ernst B. Haas has contributed "The Study of Regional Integration: Reflections on the Joy and Anguish of Pretheorizing." Also included are articles by Donald J. Puchala, Ronald Inglehart, J. S. Nye, Philippe C. Schmitter, Hayward R. Alker, Jr., Fred M. Hayward, and Andrezj Korbonski. Leon Lindberg has written "Political Integration as a Multidimensional Phenomenon Requiring Multivariate Measurement." Stuart Scheingold has contributed "Domestic and International Consequences of Regional Integration."

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  • 427 pages
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