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Religion of Soldier and Sailor

Religion of Soldier and Sailor

Edited by Willard L. Sperry

ISBN 9780674757509

Publication date: 01/01/1945

The four volumes in this series assess the moral and spiritual resources available to Americans confronted with the problems of the post-war world. What have the war years disclosed about the religious life of our people? What elements of strength have we found; what weaknesses discovered? What needs most to be done in those areas where religion can be of direct help? Some twenty writers, each a recognized specialist in his field or an accredited spokesman for his subject, attempt to ascertain the facts and suggest possible answers to these questions.


  • A unique and significant experiment.... Dean Sperry has succeeded in securing the collaboration of very eminent specialists in their fields to illumine the relation of religion and the institutions of religion to the life of the community.

    —Reinhold Niebuhr, New York Times

Book Details

  • 115 pages
  • Harvard University Press