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Rivāyat-i Hēmīt-i Ašawahistān

Rivāyat-i Hēmīt-i Ašawahistān

A Study in Zoroastrian Law

Nezhat Safa-Isfehani

ISBN 9780674773059

Publication date: 10/09/1980

The present work is the only complete translation into English of a Middle Persian text written about 955 A.D. which tells us about the legal problems of Zoroastrians living in Iran under Muslim rule. The form of the book is a series of dogmatic questions and answers which present a kind of compilation of Zoroastrian religious, social, and civil laws. The dialogue comprises some of the rules and institutions which grew out of and were intimately connected with the Zoroastrian religion that dominated Persian life and thought during the Sasanian era and also the period immediately following the advent of Islam.

Nezhat Safa-Isfehani has carefully compared other juridical works in Pahlavi with the present text and has taken into account studies on the present Rivāyat made by other scholars.

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  • Harvard University Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations