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Risk vs. Risk

Risk vs. Risk

Tradeoffs in Protecting Health and the Environment

Edited by John D. Graham and Jonathan Baert Wiener

ISBN 9780674773073

Publication date: 09/30/1997

We see the stories in the newspaper nearly every day: a drug hailed as a breakthrough treatment turns out to cause harmful side effects; controls implemented to reduce air pollution are shown to generate hazardous solid waste; bans on dangerous chemicals result in the introduction of even more risky substitutes. Could our efforts to protect our health and the environment actually be making things worse? In Risk versus Risk, John D. Graham, Jonathan Baert Wiener, and their colleagues at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis marshal an impressive set of case studies which demonstrate that all too often our nation's campaign to reduce risks to our health and the environment is at war with itself.


  • One would be hard pressed to find a more important topic than risk tradeoff. Whether addressing the health of individuals or the ecosystem of the planet, Graham and Wiener advocate a proactive, holistic approach rather than heuristic, piecemeal reactions to important, even pathbreaking book.

    —James B. Lane, Political Science Quarterly


  • John Graham is Professor of Policy and Decision Sciences and Director, Center for Risk Analysis, Harvard School of Public Health.
  • Jonathan Baert Wiener is Perkins Professor of Law, Professor of Environmental Policy & Public Policy Studies in the School of Law and the School of Environment, Duke University. He is also Director of the JD-LLM Program in International & Comparative Law, and Faculty Committee Chair, of the Nicholas Institute.
  • Cass R. Sunstein is Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard Law School. Recently named Senior Counselor to the US Department of Homeland Security, he is the author of many books, including Conformity and How Change Happens.

Book Details

  • 352 pages
  • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
  • Harvard University Press
  • Foreword by Cass R. Sunstein