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The Schoolhome

The Schoolhome

Rethinking Schools for Changing Families

Jane Roland Martin

ISBN 9780674792661

Publication date: 08/11/1995

Drawing selectively from reform movements of the past and relating them to the unique needs of today’s parents and children, Jane Martin presents a philosophy of education that is responsive to America’s changed and changing realities. As more and more parents enter the workforce, the historic role of the domestic sphere in the education and development of children is drastically reduced. Consequently, Martin advocates removing the barriers between the school and the home.


  • An exciting breath of fresh air to the seemingly endless number of school reform books that cross my desk… In all of the discussions on school reform, which one of them places the child’s needs center stage and argues we are morally bound to tend to them, and we must do the best we can to help these children feel loved? The Schoolhome does, and does it with beauty and grace; I recommend it highly!

    —Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Educational Studies


  • Jane Roland Martin is Professor of Philosophy, Emerita, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Book Details

  • 248 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Harvard University Press