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Selected Logic Papers

Selected Logic Papers

Enlarged Edition

W. V. Quine

ISBN 9780674798373

Publication date: 02/24/1995

For more than two generations, W. V. Quine has contributed fundamentally to the substance, the pedagogy, and the philosophy of mathematical logic. Selected Logic Papers, long out of print and now reissued with eight additional essays, includes much of the author’s important work on mathematical logic and the philosophy of mathematics from the past sixty years.


  • [Quine] is at once the most elegant expounder of systematic logic in the older, pre-Gödelian style of Frege and Russell, the most distinguished American recruit to logical empiricism, probably the contemporary American philosopher most admired in the profession, and an original philosophical thinker of the first rank… This is an amazing feat of condensation with something solid to say in its brief scope about every major topic of interest in modern formal logic.

    —New York Review of Books


  • W. V. Quine was Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University. He wrote twenty-one books, thirteen of them published by Harvard University Press.

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