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Toward Industrial Democracy

Toward Industrial Democracy

Management and Workers in Modern Japan

Kunio Odaka

ISBN 9780674898165

Publication date: 01/01/1975

In this study, Kunio Odaka discusses the complex attitudes of Japanese workers toward management, unions, work, and leisure. The results of his scholarly surveys indicate a trend toward the democratization of Japanese industrial management. In part, the book is a presentation of Odaka’s belief in the necessity for greater worker participation in the decisions that affect their working lives, a belief that is indeed radical in the Japanese setting.


  • These materials are very important to anyone who wishes to understand the structure of Japanese society. Indeed, in this role they are close to unique…Odaka's study makes a basic contribution to comparative industrial sociology at both the descriptive and theoretical levels.

    —Alex Inkles

Book Details

  • 272 pages
  • Harvard University Press