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Select Papyri, Volume I: Private Documents

Select Papyri, Volume I: Private Documents

Translated by A. S. Hunt and C. C. Edgar

ISBN 9780674992948

Publication date: 01/01/1932

Personal records from the sands of Egypt.

This is the first of two volumes giving a selection of Greek papyri relating to private and public business. They cover a period from before 300 BC to the eighth century AD. Most were found in rubbish heaps or remains of ancient houses or in tombs in Egypt. From such papyri we get much information about administration and social and economic conditions in Egypt, and about native Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine law, as well as glimpses of ordinary life.

This volume contains: Agreements, 71 examples; these concern marriage, divorce, adoption, apprenticeship, sales, leases, employment of laborers. Receipts, 10. Wills, 6. Deed of disownment. Personal letters from men and women, young and old, 82. Memoranda, 2. Invitations, 5. Orders for payment, 2. Agenda, 2. Accounts and inventories, 12. Questions of oracles, 3. Christian prayers, 2. A Gnostic charm. Horoscopes, 2.

The three-volume Loeb Classical Library edition of Select Papyri also includes a volume of poetry.


  • Arthur Surridge Hunt (1871–1934) was a Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford.
  • Campbell Cowan Edgar (1870–1938) was Director of Egyptian Antiquities in the Cairo Museum.

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