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Poland Between East and West

Poland Between East and West

The Controversies over Self-Definition and Modernization in Partitioned Poland

Andrzej Walicki

ISBN 9780916458713

Publication date: 10/20/1996

The three sections in Poland Between East and West represent revised and edited versions of the three August Zaleski Lectures given by world renowned thinker Andrzej Walicki. In them Walicki charts a new understanding of Poland’s entry into the modern age as it sought to reinvent its concept of nationhood after having been partitioned among three of its longtime rivals.

Walicki presents new paradigms for understanding the rise and nature of Polish nationalism, the impact of Positivism and Socialism, and the question of integral nationalism. These texts will be stimulating reading for anyone interested in twentieth-century East Central European history.


  • Andrzej Walicki is Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Notre Dame.

Book Details

  • 63 pages
  • Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute