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Policymaking in Latin America

Policymaking in Latin America

How Politics Shapes Policies

Edited by Ernesto Stein, Mariano Tommasi, Carlos Scartascini, and Pablo Spiller

ISBN 9781597820615

Publication date: 03/31/2008

What determines the capacity of countries to design, approve, and implement effective public policies? To address this issue, this book builds on the results of a comparative study of political institutions, policymaking processes, and policy outcomes in eight Latin American countries. The volume benefits from both micro detail on the intricacies of policymaking in individual countries and a broad cross-country interdisciplinary analysis of the process in the region.

The country studies demonstrate a deep knowledge of the specific historical dynamics and idiosyncratic structural factors at play in each case, while focusing on the effects of political institutions as viewed through a common analytical lens founded in game theory and institutional analysis. This book should become a staple on the syllabus of any class on Latin American politics or institutional politics and important background reading in many classes on development economics.


  • Ernesto Stein is Lead Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Mariano Tommasi is Chairman of the Department of Economics, Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina.
  • Carlos Scartascini is Senior Economist in the Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Pablo Spiller is Jeffrey A. Jacobs Distinguished Professor of Business and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Book Details

  • 500 pages
  • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches
  • David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies