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Historical Perspectives on Contemporary East Asia

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ISBN 9780674000988

Publication Date: 08/15/2000


382 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Related Subjects

  • Preface
  • Maps
  • 1. The Foreign Impact on East Asia [Warren I. Cohen]
  • 2. Social and Political Change in Nineteenth-Century China [Mary Backus Rankin]
  • 3. Visions ofthe Future in Meiji Japan [David L. Howell]
  • 4. Korea’s Transition to Modernity: A Will to Greatness [Carter J. Eckert]
  • 5. State and Society in Interwar Japan [Sheldon Garon]
  • 6. China in the Early Twentieth Century: Tasks for a New World [Ernest P. Young]
  • 7. The Nationalist Regime and the Chinese Party-State, 1928–1958 [William C. Kirby]
  • 8. The Search for Social Cohesion in China, 1921–1958 [R. Keith Schoppa]
  • 9. Society and Politics from Transwar through Postwar Japan [Andrew Gordon]
  • 10. Searching for the Appropriate Model for the People’s Republic of China [Merle Goldman and Andrew J. Nathan]
  • Chronologies
  • Notes
  • Contributors
  • Index

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