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The Sources of Economic Growth

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ISBN 9780674001725

Publication Date: 03/15/2000


336 pages

5-3/4 x 9 inches

13 line illustrations, 10 tables


  • Introduction
  • Part I: A Perspective on Economic Growth and Technical Advance
    • 1. Research on Productivity Growth and Productivity Differences: Dead Ends and New Departures
    • 2. Capitalism as an Engine of Progress
  • Part II: Schumpeterian Competition
    • 3. Schumpeter and Contemporary Research on the Economics of Innovation
    • 4. Why Do Firms Differ, and How Does It Matter?
    • 5. On Limiting or Encouraging Rivalry in Technical Progress: The Effect of Patent-Scope Decisions
  • Part III: Science and Technical Advance
    • 6. The Role of Knowledge in R&D Efficiency
    • 7. The Link between Science and Invention: The Case of the Transistor
    • 8. American Universities and Technical Advance in Industry
  • Part IV: International Differences and International Convergence
    • 9. The Rise and Fall of American Technological Leadership: The Postwar Era in Historical Perspective
    • 10. National Innovation Systems: A Retrospective on a Study
  • Notes
  • References

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