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Cocaine Addiction

Theory, Research and Treatment

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  • Preface
  • I. History, Use, and Pharmacology
    • 1. The Problem of Cocaine Abuse and Addiction
      • A Brief History of Erythroxylon coca
      • Cocaine Use and Users in the United States: An Overview
      • The Cost of Cocaine Abuse
      • Entering Treatment
      • Conclusions
    • 2. Administration, Action, and Pharmacology of Cocaine
      • What Is Cocaine?
      • Forms of Cocaine
      • Administration and Actions
      • Purity of Illicit Cocaine
      • Latency and Duration of Action
      • The Neurobiology of Cocaine
      • Use of Cocaine with Other Drugs
      • Conclusions
  • II. Behavioral Aspects
    • 3. The Subjective Experience, Course, and Parameters of Cocaine Abuse
      • Subjective and Related Effects
      • Is Cocaine Addicting?
      • The Course of Addiction
      • Tolerance
      • Symptoms of Abstinence
      • Theoretical Explanations of Cocaine Abuse
      • Conclusions
    • 4. Characteristics and Behavioral Patterns of Cocaine Abusers
      • Personal Characteristics
      • Variables Contributing to the Development of Cocaine Abuse
      • Cocaine Abuse and Crime
      • Usefulness of Self-Reports of Cocaine Abuse
      • Conclusions
  • III. Psychopathological and Medical Aspects
    • 5. Cocaine Abuse, Psychopathology, and Personality Disorders
      • Psychopathology
      • Clinical (AXIS I) Disorders
      • Personality (AXIS II) Disorders
      • Psychopathology in Cocaine Abusers versus Abusers of Other Drugs
      • Cocaine and Other Substance Abuse in Psychiatric Patients
      • Direct Psychiatric Complications of Cocaine Abuse
      • Effects of Cocaine Abuse on Memory and Cognition
      • Conclusions
    • 6. Medical and Related Consequences of Cocaine Abuse
      • Presentation of Cocaine-Related Medical Problems
      • Specific Systematic Complications
      • Respiratory System
      • Gastrointestinal System
      • Genitourinary System
      • Obstetrical and Neonatal Complications
      • Immune System
      • Acute Complications
      • Complications of Injection Use of Drugs
      • Chronic Complications
      • Cocaine-Related Mortality
      • Conclusions
    • 7. Cocaine Abuse and Sexual Behavior
      • Sexual Functioning
      • Compulsive Sexuality and the Treatment Process
      • Cocaine and the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
      • Conclusions
  • IV. Treatment
    • 8. Major Nonpharmacological Treatment Modalities
      • The Goals of Treatment
      • The Treatment Process
      • Treatment Settings and Modalities
      • Psychotherapy
      • Behavioral Interventions
      • Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions
      • Other Interventions
      • Problematic Behaviors during Treatment
      • Treatment Problems of Special Populations
      • Conclusions
    • 9. Pharmacological Interventions in Cocaine Abuse Treatment
      • Strategies Underlying Pharmacological Treatment
      • Agents Addressing Dopamine Depletion
      • Agents Addressing Attention Deficit Disorders
      • Agents Addressing Cocaine Withdrawal and Craving
      • Cocaine Antagonists (Agents Blocking Euphoria)
      • Agents Producing Aversive Reactions When Taken with Cocaine
      • Other Pharmacological Agents
      • Antiseizure Medications
      • Other Agents
      • Management of Conditions Associated with Cocaine Abuse
      • Combined Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy
      • NIDA Medications Development Program
      • Conclusions
    • 10. Improving Treatment Outcome and Preventing Relapse
      • Evaluation of Treatment
      • Recommendations Regarding Treatment and Research
      • Relapse and Relapse Prevention
      • Conclusions
    • 11. Conclusions and Recommendations
      • Treatment: What Works?
      • Special Treatment Issues
      • Research Issues
      • Societal Forces Resulting in Cocaine Use
      • Legalization
      • Treatment Policy
      • A Final Note
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index

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