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The New Synthesis, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition

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Publication Date: 03/24/2000

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720 pages

31 halftones, 209 line illustrations, 43 tables

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It is impossible to leave Wilson’s book without having one’s sense of life permanently and dramatically widened.—Fred Hapgood, The Atlantic

Rarely has the world been provided with such a splendid stepping stone for an exciting future of a new science.—John Tyler Bonner, Scientific American

Sociobiology explores the possibility that animal social behaviour—group living, kinship, attraction and mating, reciprocity and sharing, cooperation, conflict, and cheating, to name just the most familiar—has a genetic basis and can be shaped by natural selection; genes can be shaped by natural selection; genes can code for social behaviours in the same way that they code for body parts such as hands, hooves, eyes, antlers and ears. But, in an audacious final chapter, Wilson extended the analysis to humans: biology had grabbed our kinship, cooperation, mate preferences and the rest. Some branded Wilson and his ideas fascist, others as racist or guilty of genetic determinism. They are none of these things and, two Pulitzer Prizes later, Wilson has been vindicated… Wilson’s Sociobiology laid the foundations for a lifetime of meditations.—Mark Pagel, The Times Higher Education Supplement

A towering theoretical achievement of exceptional elegance… Like most great books, Sociobiology is unpedantic, lucid, and eminently accessible.—Pierre L. van den Berghe, Contemporary Sociology

This book enthralls and enchants… If you have this book… you can begin getting your mind ready for the illuminations about human society.—Lewis Thomas, Harper’s

Its contents do indeed provide a new synthesis, of wide perspective and great authority… Wilson’s plain uncluttered prose is a treat to read, his logic is rigorous, his arguments are lucid.—V.C. Wymne-Edwards, Nature

Sociobiology, a new concept, is one with extraordinary potential value for understanding and explaining human behavior.Practical Psychology

This book will stand as a landmark in the comparative study of social behavior.Quarterly Review of Biology

Sociobiology is an excellent book, full of extraordinary insights, and replete with the beauty and poetry of the animal kingdom.The Times Literary Supplement

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