Cover: <i>Pheidole</i> in the New World: A Dominant, Hyperdiverse Ant Genus, from Harvard University PressCover: <i>Pheidole</i> in the New World in MIXED MEDIA

Pheidole in the New World

A Dominant, Hyperdiverse Ant Genus

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$201.50 • £145.95 • €181.50

ISBN 9780674002937

Publication Date: 03/01/2003


818 pages

1 color illustration insert, 650 fine line illustrations, 5 tables, 4 halftones


  • Introduction
  • The Origins of Hyperdiversity
  • Glossary and Anatomy
  • Keys
  • The Workerless Social Parasites of the New World Pheidole, Based on the Queen
  • The Species Groups of the Nonparasitic New World Pheidole, Based on the Worker Castes
    • The aberrans Group
    • The biconstricta Group
    • The crassicornis Group
    • The diligens Group
    • The distorta Group
    • The fallax Group
    • The flavens Group
    • The gertrudae Group
    • The granulata Group
    • The lamia Group
    • The megacephala Group
    • The perpusilla Group
    • The pilifera Group
    • The punctatissima Group
    • The scrobifera Group
    • The tachigaliae Group
    • The teneriffana Group
    • The transversostriata Group
    • The tristis Group
  • The New World Species
  • Indeterminate Names
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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