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Center for Hellenic Studies Colloquia 4

Matrices of Genre

Authors, Canons, and Society

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Publication Date: 12/30/2000


  • Introduction [Mary Depew and Dirk Obbink]
  • 1. Generating Genres: The Idea of the Tragic [Glenn W. Most]
  • 2. Epigram and Reader: Generic Force as (Re-)Activation of Ritual [Joseph W. Day]
  • 3. Enacted and Represented Dedications: Genre and Greek Hymn [Mary Depew]
  • 4. Formulas, Voice, and Death in Ehoie-Poetry, the Hesiodic Gunaikon Katalogos, and the Odysseian Nekuia [Ian Rutherford]
  • 5. Herodotus’ Genre(s) [Deborah Boedeker]
  • 6. From Aristophanes to Menander: Genre Transformation in Greek Comedy [Eric Csapo]
  • 7. Theocritus and the Demythologizing of Poetry [Mario Fantuzzi]
  • 8. Lycophron’s Alexandra: “Hindsight as Foresight Makes No Sense” [Stephanie West]
  • 9. Rituals in Ink: Horace on the Greek Lyric Tradition [Alessandro Bar Hiesi]
  • 10. The Dialectics of Genre: Some Aspects of Secondary Literature and Genre in Antiquity [Ineke Sluiter]
  • 11. The Didactic Plot [Don Fowler]
  • 12. Essential Epic: Genre and Gender from Macer to Statius [Stephen Hinds]
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Contributors
  • Index
  • In Memoriam [Don Fowler]

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