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New England Forests Through Time

Insights from the Harvard Forest Dioramas

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ISBN 9780674003446

Publication Date: 08/01/2000


80 pages

50 color illustrations

Harvard University Forest


  • Foreword
  • I. Landscape History of Central New England
    • Pre-Settlement Forest 1700 A.D.
    • An Early Settler Clears a Homestead 1740 A.D.
    • Height of Forest Clearance and Agriculture 1830 A.D.
    • Farm Abandonment 1850 A.D.
    • “Old-Field” White Pine Forest on Abandoned Land 1910 A.D.
    • “Old-Field” White Pine is Succeeded by Hardwoods 1915 A.D.
    • A Vigorously Growing Forest of Hardwoods 1930 A.D.
    • The Modern Forest Landscape
    • Summary: Ecological Lessons from Forest History
  • II. Conservation Issues in the History of New England Forests
    • Old-Growth Forests
    • Wildlife Habitat in a Dynamic Landscape
    • Accelerated Erosion with Intensive Land Use
    • Forest Fire
    • Forest Fire Management
  • III. Forest Management in Central New England
    • Early Treatment of a Hardwood Stand
    • Improvement Cutting in a Hardwood Stand
    • First Thinning in a Mixed White Pine-Hardwood Forest
    • Third Thinning in a Mixed White Pine-Hardwood Forest
    • Conversion Of Cordwood To Future Sawtimber
    • Increasing While Pine in Hardwood Stands
    • Release of Pine from Suppression by Gray Birch
    • Pruning White Pine to Produce Better Logs
    • Group Selection Method of Harvesting White Pine
    • Shelterwood Method in White Pine And Hardwoods
  • IV. Artistry and Construction of the Dioramas
  • Suggested Further Reading
  • About the Harvard Forest
  • The Fisher Museum

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