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Grown Up All Wrong

75 Great Rock and Pop Artists from Vaudeville to Techno

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Publication Date: 11/01/2000


512 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • Introduction: My Favorite Waste of Time
  • 1. Where “Rock and Roll” Began
    • Across the Great Divide: Nat King Cole
    • Let’s Call the Whole Thing Pop: George Gershwin
    • The Complete Work of B. B. King
    • The Blank Slate: George Jones
    • Black Face, Whose Voice? Emmett Miller
    • Brown Eyed Handsome Rock and Roller: Chuck Berry
    • Elvis in Literature: Elvis Presley
  • 2. Where “Rock” Began
    • Spontaneity by the Seat of the Pants: Janis Joplin
    • Our First Bohemians: The Rolling Stones
    • God Grows Up: Eric Clapton
    • Genius Dumb: Led Zeppelin
    • Jimi Plays History: Jimi Hendrix
    • Out of This World: Aretha Franklin
    • Nothing to Say but Everything, or, As Far as He Could Go: John Lennon [with John Piccarella]
    • Why the Beatles Broke Up
    • James Brown’s Great Expectations
  • 3. Snatched from the Maw of Commerce
    • Stevie Wonder Is All Things to All People
    • A Boogie Band that Loves the Governor (Boo Boo Boo): Lynyrd Skynyrd
    • Turn On, Drop In, Find Out: The Grateful Dead
    • Music for Smart People: Randy Newman
    • Time Waits for No One: Richard Thompson
    • Father Alone Farther Along: Loudon Wainwright III
    • Born to Be Mature: Bonnie Raitt
    • Two Rock and Rollers Who Won’t Change the World: Pete Fowler/Andy Fairweather Low
  • 4. Smashing the State-of-the-Art
    • (If I’m Acting Like a King That’s Because) I’m a Human Being: New York Dolls
    • Patti Smith Pisses in a Vanguard
    • The Clash See America Second
    • The Great Punk Dandy at the Peppermint Lounge: Richard Hell
    • Pere Ubu’s Right to Choose
    • Forever Rotten: The Sex Pistols
  • 5. Kings of Rhythm
    • Sylvester Is a Star
    • Triumph of the Trifle: Ray Parker Jr.
    • Working the Crowd: Bruce Springsteen / Michael Jackson
    • Give Him Liberty or Give Him Death: Prince
    • Magnificent Seven: Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
    • The Beastie Boys Go Too Far
    • Looking for the Perfect Public Enemy
    • An Autodidact’s History of KRS-One
  • 6. Between Punk and a Pop Place
    • A Voyage to LiliPUT
    • Simple Because He’s Simple: Marshall Crenshaw [with Carola Dibbell]
    • Aching to Become: The Replacements
    • Living Legends: The B-52’s
    • Sonic Youth Sell Out
    • Curse of the Mekons
  • 7. They Are the World
    • West Africa Not Africa, Europe Not the World: Salif Keita/Youssou N’Dour
    • The Black Sea Giant and the Lion Queens: Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens
    • The Goat-God in History: The Master Musicians of Jajouka
    • A Goat-God in Exile: (Cheb) Khaled
    • The Iron Curtain at Midnight: Pulnoc
    • Culture Hero: Mzwakhe Mbuli
  • 8. Careers in Iconicity
    • Madonnathinking Madonnabout Madonnamusic
    • Garth Brooks, Michael Bolton, Barney, and You: Garth Brooks
    • Bette Midler Sings…Everything
    • Lou Reed, Average Guy
    • What Are Realities of Prince Deal? Hell, What Is Reality?
    • Making a Spectacle of Herself: Janet Jackson
  • 9. Careers in Semipopularity
    • Selling the Dirt to Pay the Band: Freedy Johnston
    • Are We Not Girls? We Are L7!
    • Lucinda Williams’s Reasonable Demands
    • The Ballad of Folly Jean Harvey: PJ Harvey
    • Two Backsliders: Iris DeMent / Sam Phillips
    • On the Real Side: Warren G / Coolio
    • Art-Rock You Can Dance To: DJ Shadow
    • Honk if You Love Honking: James Carter
    • Unlikely Samba: Arto Lindsay
    • Stereolad: Pavement
    • Grrrowing Grrrls: Sleater-Kinney
    • Blown Away: Nirvana
  • 10. Modern Maturity
    • The Goduncle: George Clinton
    • Pop Songs to God: Al Green
    • Wasted on the Young: Neil Young
  • Credits
  • Index

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