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André Gide

A Life in the Present

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ISBN 9780674003934

Publication Date: 10/02/2000


752 pages

2 eight-page inserts (number of hafltones is unknown


  • List of Illustrations
  • Introduction
  • 1. Two Stars, Two Races, Two Provinces, Two Faiths
  • 2. Childhood: Schooldays and Holidays (October 1874–October 1880)
  • 3. Youth: God and Love (October 1880–September 1889)
  • 4. André Waiter: Puritan and Narcissist (October 1889–June 1891)
  • 5. The Ironic Narcissist: le Traité du Narcisse, Poésies d’André Walter, le Voyage d’Urien, La Tentative ainoureuse (June 1891–October 1893)
  • 6. Liberation and…Engagement: ‘J’écris…Paludes’(October 1893–June 1895)
  • 7. Marriage and Nomadism: les Nourritures terrestres, Saül, Le Prométliée mal enchaîé, Philoctète (June 1895–October 1898)
  • 8. High Hopes Brought Low: le Roi Candaule and L’Immoraliste (November 1898–October 1902)
  • 9. The Barren Years: le Retour de l’Enfant prodigue and La Porte étroite (October 1902–October 1908)
  • 10. The ‘New’ Gide and the Founding of the NRF: Isabelle and Les Caves du Vatican (October 1908–August 1914)
  • 11. The War: De Profundis, Summer’s Lease (August 1914–November 1918)
  • 12. The Post-War Years: La Symphonie Pastorale (November 1918–December 1921)
  • 13. Gide, Homosexual Theorist and Father: Corydon and Les Faux–Monnayeurs (January 1922–July 1925)
  • 14. Heart of Darkness: Voyage au Congo and L’Ecole des femmes (July 1925–December 1930)
  • 15. Gide, ‘Fellow—traveller’: Oedipe, Perséphone and les Nouvelles Nourritures (January 1931–June 1936)
  • 16. Retreat from Moscow, a Sense of Ending: Retour de L’U.R.S.S. and Geneviéve (June 1936–September 1939)
  • 17. Another War: Retreat and Exile (September 1939–MAY 1945)
  • 18. ‘The End of Life…A Rather Dull Last Act’: Thésée and Ainsi soit–il (MAY 1945–FEBRUARY 1951)
  • Conclusion
  • Notes and References
  • Bibliography
  • Family Trees: The Gide Family, The Rondeaux Family
  • Index

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